Caitlin Mordan, LPC


Do you or a loved one struggle with food, exercise, or body image? What about compensatory behaviors like diet pills, purging, or laxatives? Does your child struggle with reactions of past trauma or high levels of perfectionism?

Who am I?

Hey there! I’m Caitlin 🙂 It is my intention to walk beside my clients through their struggles, and to support them as they make your journey towards wellness. Together my clients and I will identify concerns, explore values and strengths, and build a toolbox of skills fit to meet their unique needs and to set them up to conquer the world!

What’s In It For You?

A lot of people think that in order to really benefit from therapy, or even to deserve to seek out help in the first place you have to be at rock bottom. But that’s just plain false! By engaging in counseling you will be able to spend time on yourself, for yourself. That’s self love and self care right there! It’s a time where you can explore your values and goals, determine who you are and who you want to be, and build skills along the way. You’ll be able to say that you had the courage to engage with your own mind and that you learned a thing or two as well 🙂 Even if you just need a place to untangle some complicated thoughts, therapy can help you determine the right steps and goals that may be muddled at the moment.

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